SUBK Co was formed in 2007 -, continuing to succeed and achieve a privileged position in the market, which has been strengthened year after year in the field of car maintenance, American cars spare parts distribution and agents of the German Bizol Motor Oils Company in Libya .

Who we are?

SUBK started to develop the necessary construction plans of modern-showrooms and maintenance workshops in Benghazi and Tripoli early in 2013, majorly focusing in aiming to innovate and enhance quality and service beyond the traditional concept of sales and service to live up to a new level. 

Parallel with the development of our employees to exert every possible effort towards our commitment towards our customers by giving them the highest levels of service and most etiquette.

What we believe ?

We believe in fair business & deals. For long lasting position crystal clear is must that's why since beginning we focus on constant trust & fairness of clients. We think to stay & dominate the market we should provide the best services to our clients & to do this sometimes we even ignore to take profit from clients, because we believe in our system to much.

Our level in bars

Engine Services Center 95%
Clients Feedback 88%
Spare-parts 97%
Accessories 95%
Automobile Re-sellers 95%
  • Our History

    SUBK Co Trade and Services is a continuation of Albagtos Workshop that was founded in 1968 specialising in auto maintenance and developed its expertise that gained a good reputation for more than three decades to be one of the best workshops and most experienced in the city of Benghazi, and throughout the country.
  • Our Progress

    We have established business relationships and strengthened customer services, by adapting a unique strategy in marketing of American auto spare parts and accessories. Depending on a great deal of innovation and providing quality services to different customers, in which we were granted a privileged position in the market, with a good reputation and high confidence of our customers.We aspire to succeed and excel in the future of the firm. In relation to our views, this led us on to becoming a leader in the field of community development, for this our company began to develop programs and proposals to be submitted to the relevant authorities in order to support the efforts of the Traffic Department, like Traffic Week as a campaign for safe driving and public safety on the roads.
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